Teaching and Supervision




Completion of the Enhancing Teaching Programme at Oxford


LMU Research Fellow at the Department für Asienstudien, Institut für Sinologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Courses taught:

  • Die Praxis archäologischer Forschung in China (The practice of archaeological fieldwork in China)
  • Einblicke in die Kunst und Archäologie Chinas – Recent Advances in Research on the Art and Archaeology of China


Instructor, Field School at Yangguanzhai, China, Director: Ye Wa, Co-Director: Lothar von Falkenhausen, June 17-July 21, 2012 and  June 16-July 20, 2013


Teaching Assistant for Art History C261D: Art and Material Culture of China, Neolithic to 210 B.C., UCLA

2008, 2009

Teaching Assistant for Anthropology 8: Introduction to Archaeology, UCLA


Teaching Assistant for East Asia in World History, University of Heidelberg



Convenor of the Archaeology of Asia Stream

Postgraduate taught course options:
  • Chinese Archaeology I: Palaeolithic to Bronze Age
  • Chinese Archaeology: Shang to Qin
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Chinese Ceramics
  • Archaeology of Eurasia
  • Contribution on Ceramic Technology within the MSc of Archaeological Science

I am happy to consider developing further options based on student interest, so please contact me if you have suggestions.

Undergraduate teaching

Lecturer for core papers:

  • Honour Moderations- Introduction to World Archaeology
  • FHS - Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies
  • Archaeological Sciences

Convenor for FHS option paper:

  • FHS – Introduction to the archaeology of Early China

Convenor for object-handling sessions:

  • Chinese Bronzes, Jades, and Ceramics in the Ashmolean Museum 



I am currently accepting MSc and DPhil students. I am particularly interested in supervising work on ceramics research broadly speaking, but also a range of other topics in Chinese archaeology, including its history, but also more theoretical/methodological topics. Please get in touch if you are considering applying to do an MSc in Asian Archaeology or a DPhil in Asian Archaeology, or degree work on Chinese Archaeology or ceramic analysis.

Current supervisees and their research topics

DPhil students

  • Evgenia Dammer: Technological transfer in production of Majiayao-style pottery between Neolithic communities in Northwest China
  • Gao Xuyang: Good as gold: unravelling the complex meanings and origins of Zisha teapots in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
  • Ken Ishikawa: The geographical and chronological contextualisation of Buddhist rock-cut caves during the Western Ksatrapa period in Gujarat
  • Jiang Shengpeng: Using stable isotope analysis to reconstruct the diet during the 2nd millennium BC in the Hexi Corridor and the Tao River Valley, northwest China
  • Jennifer Keute: What to Cook and How to Cook It: Understanding the interplay of subsistence, ceramic technology, and local environments in the emergence of pottery in Northeast Asia through ceramic residues
  • Li Zihan: A techno-socioeconomic investigation of the Husi kiln complex in the middle Yangtze River Valley
  • Shi Muyang: Development of complex spatial dynamics on the Late Neolithic Central Plains, China
  • Zhang Yidan: Crossing Western China: Interregional Communication and Cultural Interaction between the Northwest and Southwest China from the Late Neolithic Age to the Early Bronze Age (5000BCE-1500BCE)
  • Jean Hyun: The Mohe in Archaeology and History
  • Danielle Hum: The “Taming” of the “Unpacified South”: changes in animal representations and burial customs during the Han expansion into Lingnan

MSc/MPhil students

  • Li Yiying: A diachronic study of Neolithic pottery production at Dadiwan, Gansu Province 
  • Miranda Stevens: TBD
  • Chen Guopeng: The archaeology of archaeological research: how archaeological knowledge is taught and learned
  • Zhu Shijie: Liangzhu social structure
  • Xiong Shaobai: Resource-Driven Expansion: The Interaction between Zhou and Local Populations in the Jianghuai Region at Early Western Zhou Period
  • Tanya Lee: Understanding Prehistoric Korea and Japan relations seen in the contact and exchange between Chulmun and Jomon societies
  • Shi Lan: Magic, cosmology and the adorned body in Neolithic China - an investigation into the jade artefacts from Lingjiatan
  • Melody Li: Towards a New Approach to Sensory Archaeology: Senses in Ancient China
  • Chen Yuhao: Social organization and material culture at Erlitou and Liangzhu

Undergraduate students

  • Jacob Berry: Sino-Roman relations
Former supervisees and their research topics

DPhil students

  • Raphael Wong: Contacts and identities: pastoralist tombs of the 1st millennium BC in eastern Gansu and southern Ningxia in China (graduated 2019)

MSt/MPhil students

  • Lucy Lollkova: Identities Felted, Woven, and Twined: Comparative Analysis of Late Prehistoric Cloth Cultures in Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region (graduated 2019)
  • Liu Qianqian: The Study of Chinese Export Porcelain in the Context of the Establishment of English Porcelain Manufactories from the 17th to the 18th Century (graduated 2019)
  • Shi Muyang: Walls for war? A comparative and multi-faceted approach to the function of walls in Neolithic China (graduated 2019)
  • Yan Xiaoyuan: Porcelain in the Near East and China (graduated 2019)
  • Li Zihan: Production Technology Research of Ge Kiln in the Song and Yuan Dynasty (graduated 2018)
  • Wong Chi Tung: Cultural Diversity in the Nanyue Kingdom: Comparing Burial Traditions in Guangdong and Guangxi (graduated 2018)
  • Wu Sum-yi: The maritime trading pattern of China with East Asian and Southeast Asia in the Song and Yuan Dynasties (graduated 2018)
  • Kirstin Clouser: Majiayao, Qijia, and Xindian: Changes in Ceramic Production from the Neolithic through the Middle Bronze Age (graduated 2018)
  • Zhang Meng: The Importance of Genetic Factors for Understanding the Domestication of Millet across Eurasia (graduated 2018)
  • Yao Jingmin: The emergence and spread of jade cong in Neolithic China (graduated 2017)
  • Xie Qiqing: The concept of ceramic style and its application to Tang period Changsha ware (graduated 2017)
  • Huan Limin: Qijia Culture: What Can a Regional Study of the Upper Wei River Valley Tell Us? (graduated 2017)


  • Alexander Coombs: The Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China as a Reflection of Concepts of Rulership (graduated 2019)